Political Inertia is killing the UN.. and a Hockey Analogy

If you frequent my site you may have been somewhat surprised at the lack of coverage of the UN Super-Summit this past week. I have talked a little about it here but that was before the Summit began.

The reason I have not is because there isn’t much to report. And frankly, I’m disappointed about that.

There was a chance at this summit to really make a difference. To really change the whole direction of the UN. To really improve how the UN operates.

That simply hasn’t happened. The Document that World Leaders will sign is largely toothless. It calls for very little change from the status quo.

The reason? Let’s call it political inertia.

The most powerful countries in the world… Russia, China, the US, UK, France… have no interest in change that would affect their status.

What’s more, those countries with the poorest of human rights records are defining the rules for the rest of us to follow. How is that constructive? How will that make this world better.

I am deeply troubled that the UN has completely blown the only short-term chance it had to really start to change.

After today, all those leaders will go back to their respective countries and it will be business as usual. Why? Because politicans are afraid of change. Because even when their own rhetoric says otherwise… when it comes down to brass tacks… they’d rather keep the good thing that they have going.

Forgive me, for I am Canadian and I will now invoke the Hockey Analogy.

The UN and World leaders are like the NHLPA two years ago. They are on top of the world. No one can touch them… they’re getting richer off each other and off the owners… the owners being us. We The People Of The United Nations.

So the question becomes… when will the Owners of the UN finally say enough is enough and lockout the political players until they are ready to take a realistic and fair deal. It’s time the world sign a new contract with their political leaders, because it is clear that on our current path, we are running this League of United Nations into the ground.

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