Happy Canada Day!

This will be my only post this Holiday weekend.

I will be in the process of moving my family from the beautiful city of Victoria, to the magnificient scenery of Port Alberni BC. I will also be celebrating Canadas’ 138th Birthday!

So really… please don’t read any more of this post, because what you should be doing instead is celebrating either Canadas’ or Americas’ birthday this weekend and NOT surfing the Internet! 🙂

And if you don’t live in Canada or the United States of America… well… I personally give you permission to take BOTH Friday and Monday off from work and celebrate BOTH holidays.

Have a great weekend!


My Moving trajectory… headed north.

Victoria to Port Map

My apologies for the poor pictures.

Victoria Aerial

Port Alberni
Port Alberni

Our new house:
New House

And finally, some pictures and words to celebrate Canada Day courtesy of Google Images.

This is a time to celebrate our identity.
Pearson Flag


This is a time to gather with friends and family.
Canada Day Gathering

Parliament Hill

This is a time to honour those who serve our country bravely and remember the values that we hold dear and they protect.
Afghan troop
(Afghanistan… happy Independance Day to my American friends as well!)

Golan Heights
(Golan Heights)

But most of all… this is a time for FUN!
(Ewww, Miller Light!)

(Mmmm Beach!!)


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  1. God speed your move, Chris. Port Alberni looks live a happy and safe place to raise a family. Cute house and nice views. Victoria is gorgeous as well. Must be a bitter sweet move.

    And to any and all Canadians passing though MurkeyView, have a happy and safe celebration on Canada Day.

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