Martin buying votes with Darfur aid?

David Kilgour is another Independant MP in the House of Commons. He’s pet-peeve is Darfur and Canadas’ lack of commitment.

Being an Independant, obviously Davids vote is a crucial one.. so do you think there is any connection between him and todays announcement of $170 million of extra aid for the African Union peacekeeping forces to go along with the 100 soldiers Canada is sending to Darfur? Of course there is.

Paul Martin needs every vote he can get. That’s why he made the deal on the budget with the NDP and that’s why he is introducing this aid package for Darfur.

It’s sad that the people of Darfur are being used as pawns in this most ridiculous game of chess in Ottawa. But such is life. At least if the Budget passes and the aid and troops are sent, then some good will have come of all this.

More and more it appears that no good *can* come out of Ottawa these days. If Duceppe and Harpers goal was to get everyones attention by shutting down the House of Commons (for the 2nd day in a row) and acting like children in a place of dignity and office of Honour then they have certainly succeeded.

I just hope it spurs Canadians into voting when the time comes. I fear it will have the exact opposite effect.

“Honourable Member of Parliament” my ass.

3 replies on “Martin buying votes with Darfur aid?”

  1. Self-interest, Chris, motivates a lot of our actions as human beings. I always say “a rising tide lifts all boats” so if your independent MP got some relief for Dafur by playing tit for tat with Martin, then at least maybe some little Sudanese child will not be slaughtered or starved after all and hurray for dirty politics Canadian style. I’d rather see a bribe for Dafur relief than a bribe for someones own pocket. It’s an ill wind that blows NO wind.

  2. All the dirty tricks the Libranos are pulling out to cling to power and some people still want to complain about Conservative & Bloc ambition and self-interest. When legal avenues were illegitimately taken away, they resorted to the only remaining (if distasteful) option.

  3. I wouldn’t be complaining about the Bloc and Conservatives so much if:

    a) the Bloc wasn’t poised to have more support than it has ever had in its’ history… thus sending the country onto a path to another Sovereignty referendum.

    b) the Conservatives weren’t still stuck with a minority… if that. If Stephen Harper wasn’t being such an idiot about this he’d actually have a chance to form a majority and really take out the Liberals. But every day that he acts like a complete child another potential CPC seat turns Liberal or NDP.

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