6 replies on “Update to WordPress 1.5.1”

  1. Hey, chris, this looks much better…a little wider and the trick about clicking on the post title will make it much easier to comment and REALLY LET YOU HAVE IT !!! 😉

    thanks a bunch.

  2. Very painless.

    As long as you remember to backup your wp-content folder (or at least your themes and plugins folders first.

    I had to redo a few custom modifications for the plugins that i was using, but that’s all.

  3. I tried to make the actual comment box wider but can’t seem to manage it for some reason. I think it must be limited in size by another constraint, like a CSS rule or table width or something.

  4. I would like wordpress to change the behaviour (or make it optional) of the frontpage content so that when you click on the Comment link you are brought to the permanent link (as if you clicked on the title) except it shoots you down to the comments section automatically. That way we’d see both the comments and the original post.

  5. The larger room for comments to appear is most welcome. The input window for typing comment text seems wider too, not sure it needs to be as wide as the browser window. Nice renovation overall.

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