Problems with WordPress timestamps and blog Aggregate sites

A technical post here. I’ve noticed a bug in WordPress (or at least I think it’s in WordPress 1.5) where it seems that the timestamp that it uses to post and store articles differs from the timestamp others receive when they dynamically try to aggregate my posts into their webpage.

ie. People get the right “posting time” when they check their RSS feed aggregators or by going to the site directly… but when I join a group blog like the Dippers or Progressive Bloggers (linked on the side of my page) I notice that my posts show as being 8 hours behind what they should be! Now really this is just an annoyance that hits me in my ego, because I’m never top-of-list. But it seems to be a real bug with WordPress (or something) so I’m sure it’s affecting others as well.

If anyone out there is using WordPress and has come across the problem.. or is on either the Dippers or Progressive Bloggers list or another list using WordPress and is or is not having a problem let me know… my email is at the top right.

Thanks to anyone for any suggestions or help!


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