End of Major Combat Operations… 2 years Ago

Can you believe it was two years ago today that President Bush landed on the Abraham Lincoln and declared “major combat” to be over?

According to a lucky find on Google. (at this server .Mil address so we know it’s from the US military: web1.whs.osd.mil/mmid/casualty/OIF-Deaths-After.pdf) there have been 1404 casualties (deaths) of US military personnel since May 1, 2003. 1061 of those deaths were of a “hostile” nature.

That’s 1.9 US soldiers dying everyday since May 1, 2003.
Before May 1, 105 soldiers were reported killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. That’s 2.5 US soldiers dying every day. Who knows how many have been injured.

It begs the question.. what “is” major combat?

Of course the other question is how many Iraqis, civilian or otherwise (because we’re in this for *all* Iraqis right?) have died.

No one knows. Well, I should restate that… No one knows who knows for sure. But there are plenty of guesses. Some said 6000 civilians before May 1. They also said over 2000 Iraqi solders died defending Baghdad alone.

Now, 2 years later… Iraq Body Count is reporting over 21,000 iraqis have died. That’s 28 Iraqis every single day… and yes, I’ll ask the question… I wonder how many Iraqis died every day in the 2 year period *before* March 20, 2003?

And if you think that 21,000 number is simply inflated by the left-media… fine… think that if you wish.. but as you sit there so smuggly patting yourself on the back, maybe read the names on this press release.

Over 3000 people.

Men, Women, Children, Babies.

Congratulations Mr. Bush.

Mission Accomplished indeed.

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