Vote for Electoral Reform: BC-STV

I will tell you why I support moving to the “Single Transferrable Vote” system of elections.

Many say that it will be too complicated because you have too many “choices” to make, and the system of counting is complex. So, let me simplify it down to one statement.

Under BC-STV you can mark ONE choice on the ballot with an X….just like you always have.

You are not required to do anything else. What’s more, by doing this you are not “throwing away” your vote anymore than you are under the current system. In fact, in a STV system, your one vote is more valuable because if your choice doesn’t win the outright majority on the first count, your single vote can still be “transferred” and recounted.. giving you 1, 2, 3 or even more (depending on the number of candidates) chances to have your choice win!

I believe this is the message that the “Yes” side needs to get out.

People can vote as they always have and still benefit from STV!

I’ve been very disappointed at the lack of information about the Referendum on Electoral Reform that is happening during the BC Election. While I am definitely a supporter of the BC-STV system in place of our current system… I think that the lack of information is a detriment not only to the “Yes” side but to the “No” side as well because it speaks to a lack of will to foster debate about the issue.

Yes, counting votes under a STV system is far more complicated than what we have currently… our current system is as simple as it can get. “Most Votes Wins”.

Under STV. “Most Votes” still “Wins”… but the difference is that there will be more than one candidate from each riding. So in order to elect those 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th candidates, a calculation of the votes has to take place.

In the end… the candidates who receive the most votes still wins. Only the process in doing so changes.

In essence… STV takes away nothing and gives so much more than our current system.

How can you argue with that?

Here are some links.

CBC-BC has a great feature and demonstration of BC-STV.

The Elections BC site has lots of information.

The Citizens Assembly decided on STV and has the final recommendation along with explanations and FAQs.

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