Final WMD Report: “Exhausted”

I’m a little late on this story… but since none of the MSM reports (BBC, CBC, CNN, FoxNews), including the BBC, which is usally really good at linking, provided a link to the actual final addendum to the Duelfer report then I will post it here.

Here is the CIA Website with the report.

I will also archive the PDF in my Original Documents and Media. (link coming)

Now… If you read the articles above you will get the same gist from all four sources. No WMD were found. The FoxNews article even went so far as to say that any WMD/Chemical ordnance found to be in the possession of Iraqi Insurgents would be pre-1991 era munitions that were improperly destroyed or disposed of.

So rather than produce the same sound bites I would like to point out a few passages.

  1. On “Prewar Movement of WMD Material Out of Iraq”
  2. (Page 4 of PDF)

    • ISG formed a working group to investigate the possibility of the evacuation of WMD-related material from Iraq prior to the 2003 war…. The declining security situation limited and finally halted this investigation.

      • Interesting to see that the security situation figures prominently in the reports conclusions… I wonder just in what way the security situation hindered the ISGs fact finding ability. Was it lack of Human Intelligence? Lack of mobility? Lack of access to important areas? Also interesting to see that, in the ISG eyes, apparently the security situation in Iraq has deteriorated since 2003… are they the first government organ to really admit to this?
  3. On the “Deck of Cards” and other Wanted Iraqis
    • The “blacklist” of individuals targeted for arrest and detention was drawn up prior to the 2003 war, and it was shaped by various organizations with a range of considerations and objectives…. While the top 55 names on the list were well publicized (due in part to their circulation as faces on decks of cards), the blacklist contained over 300 names and the full list was not publicly known… Up to the publication of this report 105 of the blacklisters were detained.

      • 300 names. That’s a lot of people. The report says that many of the names shouldn’t have been on there and were actually people who supported the Coalition and anti-Saddam forces. They also said that most of the people who they deemed to be the most important were captured, even though some remain at large.
      • On pages 8 and 9 there is some significant complaining about the role the Military played in debriefing the prisoners. How their shorts tours of duty meant that prisoners were often debriefed multiple times on the same subject… and also that the military/tactical focus of the debriefers did not lend itself well to gather information on the nuances of Saddams Regime and the International political scene.
  4. On Residual Proliferation Risks
    • A senior Iraqi official associated with the pre-1991 program stated that the numbers of WMD-associated scientists reported in Iraq’s declarations to the UN were grossly inflated to confuse inspectors…it is likely that the subset of former regime scientists who still possess potentially dangerous expertise is shrinking.

      So far there is very little evidence that either foreign jihadists operating in Iraq or Iraqi insurgent groups are attracting experts from the former regime’s WMD programs.

      • Somebody please write that down because I’m *sure* that at some point Bush & Co said that all these evil Scientists will defect to Al Quaeda and build a bomb.
    • There are many reports of Iraqi professionals who have left Iraq because of the lack of security, rampant crime and kidnapping in Iraqi cities, especially Baghdad. Kidnapping for ransom and death threats allegedly have forced doctors, scientists and many from the wealthier sector of the population to migrate to safer countries.

      By March 2004, according to press reports, insurgents assassinated more than 1,000 Iraqi professionals and intellectuals, including Muhammad al-Rawi, the President of Baghdad University. Whether such reports are accurate or not they reflect a widespread concern among the technical elite.

      …For over ten years they have endured, much like the rest of the Iraqi population, a steady decline in their living conditions. Post-[Operation Iraqi Freedom] Iraq for them is worse still.

      • Truth in Reporting.
  5. On Remaining Chemical and Bio Weapons (Page 18)
    • ISG assesses that Iraq and Coalition Forces will continue to discover small numbers of degraded chemical weapons, which the former Regime mislaid or improperly destroyed prior to 1991. However, ISG believes that any remaining chemical munitions in Iraq do not pose a militarily significant threat to Coalition Forces because the agent and munitions are degraded and there are not enough extant weapons to cause mass casualties.

      [Also of note] we have no previous reporting indicating that Iraq weaponized pesticides. [But what about those evil “dual use” drums??

      • Really the report says all there needs to be said, but let me make it more clear. There were no stockpiles of post-1991 WMD! oh, and if you don’t like me “editorializing” the report… then just read a little futher in. “ISG found no stockpiles of precursor chemicals necessary for synthesis of militarily significant quantities of agent.” (Page 22) Without the precursors how do you make stockpiles of actual WMD that pose an “imminent threat”??

Anyway, I think that’s about all I can bring myself to post about this. If you read the entire report you will see that it is complete and unequivical in it’s estimation that Iraq did not possess any significant WMD military capabilities after 1991. What’s more, the pre-91 programs were effectively shutdown and non-operational.

As a cap for this post, I think I will leave you with pictures… and quotes from the past.

Rumsfeld: “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.”
Sarin IED

Tony Blair: “Saddam… has existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons, which could be activated within 45 minutes”
Burak Warheads

Colin Powell: “Saddam Hussein has never accounted for vast amounts of chemical weaponry: 550 artillery shells with mustard”
Mustard Shell

George W. Bush: “We know Saddam Hussein has dangerous weapons today”
Sakr 18 Rockets

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