BC Liberals own ConferenceScam

So are you one of those people who roll their eyes when I say “all governments are corrupt”.

Well.. get ready because I’m saying it again.

Today, the BC Liberal Party got hit with a nasty scandal. God forbid they’re actually looking a little like their left-leaning namesakes in the Federal government.

The B.C. Liberal campaign has been hit by controversy over taxpayers’ money paid by municipalities in northern B.C. to attend a conference, with the dollars going directly to the local Liberal riding association.

Now, we’re only talking about $400, not $400,000 But I just hope that all the people out there who equate “socialists” with “kickbacks” take a step back and see this for what it is… confirmation that power, not politics, corrupts at every level.

For those not familiar, the BC Liberal Party has absolutely no affiliation with the Liberal Party of Canada. The BC Liberals share much more in common with the Conservative Party and Alberta Conservatives.

4 replies on “BC Liberals own ConferenceScam”

  1. Well, i guess all sins are equal = OFF 21 Billion, BC Liberals .0004 Billion – hang the rascals.

    Are you serious?

  2. Sorry, $400 = .000000001% of a billion dollars. My company prolly loses that in paper clip employee thievery every year.

  3. Jane:

    The only response I can reasonably give is:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    Too often supporters of opposing political parties say they are less corrupt than the other guy. I’m just trying to prove that there are corrupt people representing every political stripe.

    It just so happens that the Federal Liberals had 10 years to rack up a huge bill.

  4. Yes, where there is smoke there is fire. and where there are human beings there are liars and thieves. Not much to argue about there. However, the degree matters in most situations because the degree can measure harm done to other causes and lives. When large numbers of people are hurt badly by liars and thieves, that is definitely where investigative energy must be spent…to hang the rascals and make examples to deter others.

    However, most big time thieves and liars are narcissistic pathological a@#$holes who always think they will get away with their selfish, greedy evil deeds and nothing deters them except being locked away forever. Once free, they will return to their old ways at the first opportunity. I guess I don’t believe in rehab at least not for corrupt pols. I hates ’em, yes I does.

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