Interview with Syrian President Assad

Syria Comment has posted the translation of an Interview with President Assad of Syria.

Some interesting quotes:

Those who expect Ukraine in the country of Cedars is under an illusion. You see, Lebanon is complex, one has to know how to interpret it. It is a society that, to many respects, is tribal, divided in communities that have often clashed against each other in history.
But if someone from outside wants to blow on fire, any slip could have disastrous consequences. Lebanon, however, is only a pretext. The true objective of Washington is another.

And on his porous border with Iraq:

I have asked for night vision equipment and radar systems, more or less the same technology that they use at the border with Mexico. I have even proposed, in October, the creation of mixed Syro-American patrols.

I am still waiting [for their reply].

Please read the entire interview.

On one hand, Assad sounds alot like Saddam… which could be very dangerous for him. And on the other he reveals instances in the past where peace with Israel seems to have been a real possibility but were dashed first by Rabins’ assassination, then by Baraks cold feet.

It is clear that Assad is most concerned with losing his own grip on power. And if that means ignoring the rights and freedoms of his people, then so be it. He is clearly nervous, and I’m willing to bet the recent events in Lebanon make him even more so.

His final answer is perhaps the most interesting though:

I offered my help to Washington. Sooner of later they will understand that we are a key to the solution. We are essential to the peace process, for Iraq. You will see, maybe one day the Americans will come and knock on our door.

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  1. My gut tells me that Syria will not continue to be a problem in the ME in ongoing months and yers. It also tells me that Assad IS nervous and he is ultimately going to be toast. Most likely he is just a spokesperson for those who are really in charge (who may also be toast). We’ll see…in a year or so how it all shakes out.

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