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  1. Will miracles never cease? Arafat dies a few months ago and the ME is now talking about peace. WOW. Didn’t he get a Nobel Prize for Peace a while back? Amazing. Arafat, the darling of the Euro world is now enjoying his richly deserved 72 virgins (as a practicing Islamic supporter of terrorists) while ME peace talks resume…yes, amazing what can happen when reality is no longer suspended. My mind harkens back to the tale of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”.

  2. Your sarcasm is not lost upon me 🙂

    It is indeed “a wonder” that a simple change of ruler can do so much…

    That said, one must wonder if the reason so much faith was put in Arafat was because he was the only choice at the time.

  3. Thanks for giving me a pass on the sarcasm. 😉 I’ve been waiting for a long time to employ that rhetorical tool on Arafat’s legend. But don’t you agree that his reputation was a manufactured white-wash of a murderous fanatic? I can’t believe the level of rationalization going around the last couple of decades regarding the ME problems.

    If we are ever going to solve the world’s biggest problems, those who care are going to have to get honest, especially about the big picture.

    You’re a good man, Chrisale. Thanks for letting me be snarky a bit. I’ll try not to over do it. 🙂

  4. I completely agree.

    The word needs a helluva lot more honesty. Unfortunately, the words politics and unhonesty seem to be antonyms.

    And these opposites don’t attract.

    Arafat will probably go down in history as one of the greatest leaders of all time. He was the perfect politician. Ruthless, Political, Sharp, Wise… a tyrant, a despot, a terrorist, a militant… martyr, symbol, for good and evil.

    We can’t get our hopes up too much though. This conflict has been going on for 1000s of years. The Intifada last 4 years… that’s a blip in history.

    Attitudes must change in order for real progress to be made towards lasting peace.

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