Welcome to Chrisale.info 2.o!

Well, it took me all day but I managed to finish off the stylesheet for the upgraded site here. You’ll notice a few changes I’m sure not the least of which being the lack of links on the left!

The new version of WordPress has a nifty feature called ‘Pages’ that allow you to create individual pages that live outside the chronology of the main blog. They stand alone. You can see the new “Pages” section of links at the top-left. I’ll be creating a page there that will house an archive of all of Jades Pictures and Movies over the past few months.

This site and the whole Internet looks and runs best in the Firefox Browser. Do yourself a favour and don’t use Internet Explorer! 🙂

Download Firefox Now!
The most recent pictures will always have a “front-page” link though, so don’t worry about that! 🙂

I’m really happy with how the new site looks.. that said, I don’t have a huge range of places to test it, so if you notice anything that looks “out-of-whack” on your computer please email me so I can fix it.

Alright, that’s it! Back to your regularly scheduled Jade updates!

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