I’m So Excited!! FoxNews!

It’s Here! It’s Here!

I was just watching David Letterman on the Digital CBS affiliate out of New York and notice that the channel above it was “FOXNC”!

Channel 137 on your Digital Cable box in Victoria, BC.


Now I can finally see if Fox News really *CAN* be more rightwing than CNN and the rest.

8 replies on “I’m So Excited!! FoxNews!”

  1. If you think CNN is anything but mid-left you are sadly mis-informed. Perhaps you’ve taken in too much far left CBC crap and have lost your bearings- if you ever had any.

    CBC believes in diversity except for itself. Rex is the only conservative on staff and he’s there only because he’s clever enough not to hide his conservatism in a wondrous lexicon that none of the far left dimwits can understand.

    CNN is so far to the left that centrists have switched to Fox. Need proof? Listen to Paula Zahn’s daily listener survey. You’ll find the answers are out of touch with mainstream America. Typically the responses are 75-25 liberal whereas America is 55-45 conservative. Do you understand what this means or do I need to drew you a picture?

    So who are the conservatives on CNN? Do you even watch CNN? Did you watch their documentary on the clod war with its moral eqivalence between the west and the communists. How do you define right wing? Give me one example of right wing coverage.

    Dobbs criticizes Bush’s free trade policy daily. Larry King tries to play it down the middle. Do you never watch Aaron Brown? He practically had orgasms when he interviewed Maureen Dowd and Barbara Boxer. He lobbed soft balls at them and had no one there, at the time or later, from the other side to contest their accusations. He never has a good thing to say about the war effort.

    Red Ted Turners network is right wing! Riot!

    BTW, your blog is well named.

  2. Please ignore the obvious grammatical and typogaphical errors in my previous post. This could be avoided or at least minimized if your site had the facility to allow us to preview our comments. While growing older does make one wiser (and more able to show the correct path to the wet behind the ears set) typing with bi-focals is not as easy as correcting you young-uns.

    Yeah I know I could copy on to Word, make corrections, and then paste the comment but there is too much teaching to do and not enough time.

  3. Hi Terry.

    First, sorry about the lack of preview, that’s just a function of the software that I’m using. Nothing I can do at the moment to help ya out… you’ll notice the resulting spelling mistakes in my posts as well. 🙂

    As for CNN… yes I realise it’s more “left” than Fox… but it’s still a lot more “right” than even the most rightwing Canadian news channel.

    It’s all about perspective.

  4. Chris,

    Thanks for the polite response to my snarky comment. I don’t watch as much Canadian t.v. as I would like to, so perhaps I’m not the best one to judge whether CNN is right of CTV and Global.

    There is no question, however, that all three are left. CBC is far left. As I’ve said. aside from Rex, you don’t hear any regular conservative opinion on CBC. They give everything a leftist, anti-American spin- even their news coverage.

    CBC is extremenly unprofessional. I have no problem with the owners of a private broadcaster giving you their slant, however, a public broadcaster has an ethical obligation to play it straight and present both sides of an issue. CBC doesn’t.

    I remember a Barbara Frum Journal episode years ago. (Barbara was almost always a true professional and I loved her as did a lot of Canadians)

    On this occasion the show opened with Barbara’s silhouette in the dark. As the lighting intensified and the camera zoomed in on Barbara a serious voice intoned- and for you lefties out there this is not a direct quote- ” Tonight, we look at an issue on which the country is deeply divided.” Barbara turned to her left and introduced her first guest -an abortion “rights “advocate. She then turned to her right and introduced her second guest- an abortion “rights” advocate.

    And its been downhill ever since. CBC has breached the trust reposed in them by the Canadian people and ought to be sold off.

    Terry Gain

  5. You’ll now have the chance to watch the absolute best newsman on television–Brit Hume. And the commentary in the last half-hour is always good.

    Personally, I think FoxNews has put together the most knowlegeable group of reporters on TV.

    I watched some CNN today during the election returns and was surprised by the positive comments. There was some personal tension, and it was as if people didn’t like reporting success, but didn’t want to be left out of the biggest story of the year.

    But, perhaps they’ve decided a balance serves their advertising revenue better.

  6. I was up late last night and flipped on FoxNews just as they started their elections coverage with Geraldo.

    At one point he started waxing poetic as he stood on some rooftop outside Baghdad… going on about how he just couldn’t believe this day was finally here and on and on… he looked like he nearly had a tear in his eye. I was waiting for him to break out into God Bless America or something.

    I’ll watch Fox just to be able to laugh at Geraldo all day. ;+)

  7. When I first read this post I, too, thought I ought to recommend Brit Hume’s program to you. Glad another blogger agrees with me that it is the best and very fair opinion program I’ve seen. Although it is true that Brit himself leans right. His observations are not terrible partisan and his panel at the end of the program is always balanced and represents not only a conservative point of view but has NYT, WaPo and NPR represented almost every day. That is the only Fox program I make a point to watch as often as I can. Iwatch a smattering of all the news/cable channels and find the CNN slant too disgusting to even watch 1/2 an hour at a time.

    I really think the hoopla about FOX is stupid. Geez, on CNN, MSNBC and the network programs, you have to have extremely good hearing to hear a word that isn’t critical of Bush and Co. The obviously think that because everyone (almost) in the news business has a liberal point of view that that is mainstream and moderate. NOT. So we got this one little network (FOX) who doesn’t march in lockstep with the MSM liberal thoughtspeak on every conceivable subject so that’s some kind of outrage.

    What’s an outrage is that until FOX raised it’s pretty little head, we were being brainwashed with no counter-balancing source of factual reporting except for right-wing-radio (which is a whole other subject not worthy to be included in a discussion of NEWS).
    Liberal news sources as usual don’t want to be publically exposed as being waaay biased, so they all rage against FAUX News and how unfair their reporting is blah, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, FOX’s ratings are through the roof and gaining all the time. So there! too! It sure does make liberals mad that their palaver is now challenged and the public is eager to hear something a little less progressive, liberal and Euro-centric in it’s leanings.

    PS Terry, I don’t give a spit if I misspell the occasional word hear or there. EVERY commenter does it. After all we are not all English teachers and I’m as dependent of spellcheck as I am a calulator. 🙂

  8. Oh and by the way, Geraldo is a huge joke when it comes to reporting the news no matter what network he works for. I think he came to Fox from MSNBC because FOX told him he could play war-correspondent in Afghanstan back in late 2001.

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