Daddy Takes a Tumble

So last night was an adventure.

I was taking care of Jade while Theresa went to the Tuesday night movie with her friend. All was well, I fed her burped her, she was a little cranky and tired so I put her up in her crib to sleep.

When I put her down she really wailed. It was one of those, “don’t put me down, I want to be held!!” wails. So hold I did… as she calmed down I trucked down the stairs looking for maybe a sliver more milk to put her past the brink and into dreamland.

Then I slipped on that *$&$#@ corner/bottom step. Back I went… sliding with toes out and back straight trying to keep from rolling over or throwing the sleepy child in my arms. I almost did it too… but as my feet slipped onto the floor my legs twisted out a little too much and my body shifted and *bonk* went Jades head on the wall.

Well… did the wailing ever start then. I’m sure 70% of it was pure fright from the sudden loss in altitude but that bonk on the head couldn’t have been very nice either. At the same time Daddy is shuddering and trembling trying to figure out if Baby is really hurt, should I call a nurse, should i go to the hospital, should I wait for Theresa.

After 10 minutes of walking around on a now bum ankle with baby buried in chest we finally start to calm down. Jades wails turn into sobs and moans… she’s starting to fall asleep. Daddy is still in shock.. but dealing.

Mommy walks in the door and asks how everything is going… I mumble something and say Jade bonked her head and Mommy quickly realises the trauma that took place. She asks if I want her to take Baby, I gladly hand her over and collapse on the couch still unconvinced that I haven’t inflicted permanent damage on our new child.

Eventually we all get to bed… Baby is sleeping… well, like a baby, and Mom and Dad curl up. We’re all a little under the weather so with the help of a little Nyquil and the nights trauma exhausting our bodies, we fall asleep quickly.


The Hardest Job in the World.
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