The New Way, in Iraq.

There was the old way… then there was the UNSCAM way… now there is the new way. Or at least so says one Iraqi blogger. “those are the fruits of the Allawi-Bush government, a scary version of Saddam’s gang.” When will the Iraqi people be allowed to simply live life?

I was perusing some blogs yesterday and this morning and came upon a few interesting excerpts. These are all from the blogs linked on the left side of my site. Feel free to check them out yourself.

From “Tell me a secret”:

I will tell you about Iraq nowadays, when you are graduated from any uni, and while you are so happy and making plan for the future and the princess in the charmed castle, you go to search for any work in the public sector, that’s what Iraqis do, you get a job and a fixed salary, then you get promotions and stuff till you are retired and the government of course will keep giving you a salary for ever…

now, after the “liberation” and in the new “free” Iraq, things are a bit deferent.
ministries are divided between deferent parties, if the ministry of foreign affairs was given to a Kurdish minister, then don’t hope to get a job there if you are Arab, the ministry that was given to a minister from the Dawa Shea party, wouldn’t hire you unless you belong to them, if you go the ministry that was given to a minister from the Islamic revolution shea party,

and on the new National Guard

in Arabic, they are called “haras watani”, exact translation, haras is guard and watani is national, people in the streets call them haras la watani, which is: un-national guard, or call them haras wathani, conveniently, by changing one letter, it becomes infidel instead of national (wathani instead of watani).

few days ago, they decided suddenly that a hair dresser shop is “suspected”, so they broke in, and “Searched” all women’s bodies.
couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine was in the line of a gas station, and one of the national guard didn’t like the way he was parking, so he just broke the side mirror with his AK back, and when my friend objected, he also damaged the size of the car and called other national guards to tie my friend’s hands and send him to jail, he was so lucky that one of them knew my friend and released him immediately, otherwise he would have spent a longtime, God only knows where and for how long, oh..I forgot to say, they cover their faces, cause they are too afraid to be known so my friend never knew who released him.

And from another blog, Dec 7, Raed in the Middle:

About 600 leaders from Iraq’s Shia Muslims announced plans to begin setting up their own autonomous region, following a meeting today in the holy city of Najaf.

Why don’t we have every house as a state, with a flag, a nice US-made electricity generator, a water well with a british water pump, some trees for juices and food, some chickens for happy meals, some turkeys for thanx givings, and a cute little pistol for “self-defense”?

For something a little different:

Nabil reports that Iraqs’ football team is set to hit the pitch!

And finally… yesterday was the anniversary of Saddam Husseins’ capture. Kurdo has something to say about it:

You can not feel our happiness, I doubt it that any other human on this world has felt like the people in Iraq felt about Saddam’s capture.
Saddam was the god father of all of us. We couldn’t escape from him. Though in Kurdistan we have been free from him since 1991, but we still had contacts with the other parts of Iraq and we lived under his terror for almost 25 years.

Happy Anniversary everyone ! I heard that he [Saddam] has gone on a hunger-strike , like we care.

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