Kevin Sites, straight from the source

Remember the video of the man being gunned down in the mosque. Well, I found that reporters blog today… and he has his side of the story…

All the other armchair analysts don’t mean a damn to me.

Here it goes.

Here’s his site... I’ll also add it to my links on the left.

The Blogosphere is really changing things. How else could we have heard this reporters account, directly from his own writing. No editors, no censors.

One interesting excerpt:

But observing all of this as an experienced war reporter who always bore in mind the dark perils of this conflict, even knowing the possibilities of mitigating circumstances — it appeared to me very plainly that something was not right. According to Lt. Col Bob Miller, the rules of engagement in Falluja required soldiers or Marines to determine hostile intent before using deadly force. I was not watching from a hundred feet away. I was in the same room. Aside from breathing, I did not observe any movement at all.

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  1. I’ve been in email contact with Kevin for a year now. As the incident first happened, he reported that things didn’t seem out of sync. After thinking about it for some time, he drew other conclusions, but has never made a judgement on what the Marine did.

    I was disappointed that he was involved because he has the potential to report things others would never be able to due to his relationship with those he covers. He is in Thailand now, avoiding all the hate-mail he can.

    On the other hand, I was glad he was the reporter on scene because I trust his judgement far more than most journalists’.

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