Can’t Blog. Must iTunes

iTunes Music Store Canada launched yesterday and I’m so hooked.

I was generously given a $10 gift certificate by a friend.. and promptly spent it on Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublé, Coldplay, and that really great “Walkie Talkie Man” song.

Message to the RIAA and other legal types:

People download Music online because its’ easy and they can find what they like. Give them an easy way to buy *GOOD* music, and they will.

One of the first things my Wife said after I bought, downloaded, burned to Audio CD, and stuck our new songs in our stereo system was:

“Hey, notice how they’re all the same volume… they sound really good”

If you’ve thought previously that Apple Computer was just about making really expensive, somewhat useless computers… please, download iTunes and check out their Music Store.

It’s simply awesome.

6 replies on “Can’t Blog. Must iTunes”

  1. Dude.

    somewhat useless computers?

    Ever used one? I have a homemade AMD 3000+ gaming box and a Dual 1.8 G5. The Mac gets used 90% of the time. I only use the PC when I’m gaming. OS X is the shiznoxxle and the G5 is plenty fast enough.

    The Mac works like you think Itunes works. Give it a try before ya hate. Peace.

  2. lol


    I use a PowerBook G4 every day at work… it keeps me sane while I battle with my Windows and Linux based servers.

    I’ve used a Mac since the days of Clones. My PowerComputing PowerCenter still chugs away to this day in my step-dads classroom.

    Every computer has its’ place. Macs rule.


  3. There is nothing more useless than my HP laptop that is using XP Pro SP2 when it is full of spyware and adware and just creeping along. Why do we have to fight spyware, adware and all kinds of malware just to do a simple google search?

    My iMac at home is somewhat less useless than this Windows infested laptop I must take on the road.

  4. maybe in Canada, macs are more expensive than PC’s but here in the US, macs are a better deal after you finish clicking on the options you need to add to a “bargain” PC. AND you don’t have to spend $100 bucks a year to make sure your spyware/virus software is updated.

    itunes/ipod is just a glimpse of what it’s like to use Apple products – the computer is even better.

  5. lol..

    this is hilarious… I’m being accused of not liking Macs even though I’ve been using them for 8 years.

    Let me just make sure everyone understands.. I’ve been advocating Macs since MacOS 7.6 … and it was a lot harder to do back then! (at least in some ways.)

    So chill people, Macs rule.. PCs drool. 😉

  6. actually.. make that 7.5.3 .. i never used 7.6 … now what was it’s codename.. I remember it was something interesting… HARMONY! that’s it.

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