Ukraine: The Media revolts

I wasn’t going to blog about the Ukraine. But today something happened that really made me turn my head.

This is really cool.

The BBC is reporting
that the State controlled TV stations in Ukraine have openly rebelled against the government.

I’ve never heard of anything like this, and I bet it’s totally mind boggling to the viewers in Ukraine, as well as totally liberating for the reporters on those TV stations.

One really cool quote from the BBC:

Even the sign-language presenter said that in an earlier bulletin, she had rejected the pro-government script and informed her viewers instead of the allegations of vote-rigging.

The TV stations say they will try to portray balanced reporting. That will of course be very hard to do, or even be perceived as doing, because the change will be so drastic. But it’s amazing to see such dramatic change unfolding before us.

I hope the Ukrainian people are successful in finding a solution. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the opposition leader should win, but rather that the election be either redone, or recounted so that fraudulent ballots are excluded and everyone can have confidence in the result.

Either way, it looks like the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few days, which, no matter what happens here, is probably a very good thing.

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