Posting Style Change

You’ve no doubt noticed a change in how I’m posting articles!

I’m still playing with how I want my blog to look. So please bear with me as I try out different stuff.

I remember reading once that 90% of people only read the first couple paragraphs on the front page of a newspaper. That is why we have “headlines”. So, if I take the same approach to my blog I have two choices.

Keep everything on the front page and only blog a couple times a day, so that people don’t get “overwhelmed” and stuff is lost.


Blog as much as I want, but only put up “headlines”.

Well, I’ve opted for the headlines… because, I like to blog rapidly and even if I don’t blog a lot on every day, old topics might still “hold” for comments because they will be relatively close to the top of the page.

My web design intructor always said “Avoid Scrolling at ALL Costs”.

I’ll do my best.

This way I’ll actually be able to track how many people read the “whole” article. That will be interesting… especially once my readership grows more.

If you have any thoughts on that and the design of the site in general, good or bad, just let me know in the comments section or feel free to email me!