Local Alternative Power News

A little news from the Environmental industry now:

Renewables.ca reports:

Canada could install 41,400 MW of green power capacity by 2025, half of the country’s generation. Onshore wind would provide 21,000 MW and 55 TWh, with another 3,400 MW from offshore wind. Small hydro would contribute 10,000 MW, biomass 4,500 MW, solar 1,000 MW, geothermal 500 MW, while wave and tidal would each contribute 500 MW. The target for 2015 would be 90 TWh by 2015, rising to 150 TWh by 2025. “To develop green power to its full potential in Canada, concerted action will be required on several fronts,” the report explains, and a long-term vision “must be shared among all jurisdictions and have broad stakeholder and public support.”

Holberg Wind Farm Project got the Green Light (no pun intended) from the BC Government. They will create a windfarm on northern Vancouver Island capable of 58MW output. For those who have never been, for comparison Vancouver Island is about half the size of Ireland.

That is a great example where alternative energy can be used to produce clean power, while revitalizing the economy in a perenially depressed region. This region is currently suffering from longterm decline in the fishing, logging and mining industries.

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