Election Coverage!: Live and International

Polls have already opened and voting is underway.

My plan today is to provide an outlet for the International reaction, commentary, and opinion as the election unfolds in the US. I will monitor as many international news sources as I can and try to gather them up and present them to you in a reasonably concise manner. I will make one post for each according to region and update each “Region” as I get more information.

If you’re interested, I scrounged up a lot of these news sources thanks to World-Newspapers.com. A great site that has links to every english language newspaper in every country in the world!

I will Not cover any US outlets, except those that emanate from outside the US, or that are aimed primarily towards the International community.

Each Section will have it’s own post… it’s easier to archive that way… but this post will contain all the updates from every region so you can keep it here if you like or keep track of the region you’d like.

Direct Links to each Region:

Middle East and Africa

Western Europe

Eastern Europe and Russia

Asia and Pacific

Canada and the Americas

Here we go!

Live Updates OFF

Due to a mishap with a Double 15 set of Dominoes, I need to stop the live updates and take care of my poor hurting wife May the best man win!

Current Leader @7:45PM PST : George W. Bush
Caribbean Media: Caribbean states should hold early talks with new US administration says political scientist

Le Monde: George Bush looking confident

Nothin doin’

The BBC: US awaits results in key states

Projections based on early results give 20 states to incumbent Republican George W Bush and 11 to Democratic challenger John Kerry.
Such outcomes would be in line with what was expected.

NZ Herald: Bush and Kerry roll up early wins in tight race

Hong Kong Daily: Asian press slams “reckless” Bush, but doubts Kerry offers real change

ABC News: US polling stations begin to close.

The Prague Post It’s not front page, but:

The Prague Post is organizing an U.S. election-night get-together November 2 in

Sport Bar Zlata Hvezda,
Ve Smeckach 12,
Prague 2.

Expats and friends will be able to watch voting results as they are relayed by international TV channels. The event, which starts at midnight, is supported by the American Voices Abroad group and is being publicized by the U.S. embassy in Prague.

The Times of Central Asia again… nothing doing again

The Moscow Times:

Nothing doing right now

Jerusalem Post: Latest US election returns: Bush 53%; Kerry 46%

Americans waited in heat and in rain in snaking lines, some lasting several hours – even in uncompetitive states – to vote and be counted in one of the closest and most combative elections in US history.

Every outlet has the Election as their top story so far…. check that.. not AbuDhabi: Nothing on the Election there.. I might go find another source.

Mail and Guardian: Black Florida voters stand strong

Anger over the lost votes of 2000 is still simmering in the mainly black town of Riviera Beach in south Florida, where voters turned out massively on Tuesday for the United States presidential elections, many vowing they will not be disenfranchised again.

Haaretz: Turnout heavy as Bush, Kerry face U.S. voters

West Virginia voters on Tuesday backed George W. Bush in the U.S. presidential election, giving the Republican president a key swing state in his contest with Democrat John Kerry, television networks projected.

AlJazeera: Websites give Kerry early Lead

Political web sites quoting early exit polls are giving Senator John Kerry an early lead over President George Bush in the US elections

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