Flippin’ and a Floppin’

Hey there.

Well, Jade is getting bigger everyday. She’s probably 10lbs now! I think she puts on an ounce everytime she eats a spoonful of rice cereal. There’s a new wrinkle every hour… a new layer of fat every few minutes.

Lucky for her it all just makes her that much more cute! All is quite well in Jade land. She’s still following the Five Ways of Baby religiously. (Eat, Sleep, Gurgle, Poop, Spit-Up)…

Mom is doing well too. She’s tired of course… but she seems to reenergize pretty quickly on the weekend when I take over the nightshift, or one of the grandmas graciously (and excitedly) offers to take over at night. Jade usually sleeps pretty well through the night. Feeds once around 12 or 1 and again at 5 or 6… so really it’s not too bad but definitely takes its’ toll. One thing I’ve found out in the first few months is that I have a hard time getting back to sleep once I wake up for a feeding. I think I’m slowly getting better… but sometimes I just go to my computer and play a game… seems to put me to sleep. Probably a better idea would be to grab a book.

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures. Jade and Mom and Grandma Schubart went to Butchart gardens. It’s their 100th anniversary!

See you!

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