It’s Almost-Solid Food! ~9lbs


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This just in!

Baby Jade eats Rice Cereal for the first time!


Jade went to the doctor this week and got weighed and stuff.. right? I told you that already I think. Anyway the doctor mentioned that she could start eating solid (relatively) food when she was 4-6months. So what did we do? Theresa went out and bought some Rice Cereal that night!

The Grandmas thought we were crazy, feeding poor little Jade who’s only 1 month “corrected age” this cereal. But darn it the Doc said 4 months “real age”… and that’s what she is! So, Thursday morning Tree gave it a shot and lo-and-behold Jade gobbled it down!

So now we have a real piglet on our hands. She needs her big breakfast in the morning now. It’s not quite bacon and eggs but it’s getting closer!

She gets a whole tablespoon… you can see the carnage in the new pictures.

Other than that… the only news to report is that the cat likes Jades little playhouse. Jade doesn’t even know it exists and here’s the cat trying to get her swats in before Jade knows any better. She won’t be so eager once Jade can latch onto her tail.



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