Weird World

Ok.. you might be annoyed that this update isn’t about Jade.

Don’t worry she’s fine.

But.. I saw these two stories today online and HAD to share. They’re just so strange.

Original Story

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Nearly 100 squealing pigs ran riot on a Malaysian highway on Tuesday after a truck overturned and released them into four lanes of traffic.

“It was a mess,” said a policeman at the scene who only gave his first name, Rahim. “The pigs were all over the place.”

Just two traffic policemen tried to round up the 98 pigs as the traffic swerved to avoid injured animals, the national news agency Bernama reported. ”


Ok.. so that was sorta comical right.

Now check this one out. It really takes the cake:

Original Story

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German truck driver lost control of his vehicle while trying to swat a wasp and spilled his 15-ton load of jam jars on the motorway, police said on Tuesday.

“He was trying so hard to kill the wasp that he smashed the truck against the barrier,” a spokesman for the motorway police in the western town of Greven said.

“That’s when he really started attracting wasps. There was jam all over the motorway.”

Police had to close the A1 motorway for two hours while they cleaned up the mess, causing a long traffic jam.

HAA! Traffic JAM! Oh my god.. I’m gonna be running with that one all week!

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