The Daily Routine

Unfortunately we don’t have a recent weight for miss Jade today. We missed our appointment with the Public Health Nurse this week because we were in Port Alberni visiting Grandma and Grandpa Schubart!

Had lots of fun… Grandma especially I think. Jade hung out on the couch for most of the time and was the perfect little guest. She got to see chickens and the big garden. We took her on a steam train ride too! And to the lake. She didn’t go swimming, but I think she liked hanging out on the grass in the fresh air.

She’s doing very well. Sleeping, Eating, Pooping, Spitting Up. That’s pretty much it… in that order… sometimes the last two are switched, or simultaneous. She’s an angel when it comes to sleeping really. She usually only eats about once every 3-4 hours. She’s gone as long as 5 one night but I think she had an upset tummy that tired her out more than usual.

She’s getting stronger too… she can roll onto one side. She’s developing her neck muscles too. She flips her head back all the time when we’re trying to burp her. Makes it a little challenging.

She’s still so little looking, especially compared to other babies. She’s probably near about 6lbs now.

It’s funny how you (parents that is) start to get to know the different types of cries. Jade has a definite “Feed Me” cry. Sounds sort of like an angry cat. She has a “Scared Me” cry and a “Owwwiee!” cry too… that last one is REALLY loud. She also has a “Hello, I’m talking” cry. It’s similar to the feed me cry too but a little quieter and more playful.

Speaking of playful… as I’m typing this she just spit up all over the little pink piggy she got from (2nd) Cousin Stephanie. Sorry! Hopefully he’s washable.

She’s a lot more awake now… she looks around and recognizes mom and dads voice.

That’s about it. Have a great Sunday!


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