Magic Scales:1940g

Jade has been with us for almost two months now. That’s two months of isolettes and cradles, thermometers and scales.

What do we find out yesterday?

The Scale can convert to Pounds by itself!!!

Geez… a little information goes a long way. 😉

Last night a nurse that we haven’t seen often weighed Jade and flipped a switch on the scale that made it go into lbs! I got her in the act. I was like “Hey! What did you just do! Was that pounds?”.

We got a good chuckle out of it.
Anyway, I guess you’d like to know how much she weighed, huh?
4lbs, 4.4oz

I double checked it with our trusty chart too! 😛

In other news, there are New Pictures online. Go check them out. Jade is really filled out now. I wish my camera had audio… because she is now making all the cute little cooing and gurgling (and crying and wailing, but that’s cute too!) sounds that babies make.

The nurses removed her stick-on heart and breathing monitors yesterday! She’s almost free of all the wires. Now she just has the little sock that monitors her heart and oxygen saturation level, and her nose prongs. Little by little she’s shedding her medical necessities.

She’s also been taken off of her “puffer”. It was a puff, similar to an asthma puffer, of stuff to help her lungs expand. She doesn’t need that anymore, so they’ve taken it away.

The only “extra” stuff that she’s getting now is the tiny bit of oxygen and some vitamins (like vitamin E, cuz she’s never seen the sun!). They were talking about trying to take her off of the oxygen completely for a few hours. Hopefully that’ll happen today so we can get an idea how close she really is.

Oh, and you might remember me saying how we were participating in a study on a caffeine pill that they often give premies to help stimulate their lungs. Well, they decided she didn’t need the pill anymore as of a couple weeks ago now I think. So that’s gone too. She’s almost all natural!

Theresa has been trying to breast feed her the past few days. She still falls asleep before she really gets a full meal, but the last time she tried, we figure she got about 18ml… which is almost half what she would normally eat. Progress is good. As she grows and becomes stronger she’ll be able to eat more without falling asleep.

She gets mad now when she’s hungry.. it’s really cute. What’s even funnier is when Theresa is trying to breast feed her, Jade gets so comfortable up against T that she passes right out. We have to take her hat off to cool her off and make her a little uncomfortable so that she doesnt fall asleep so fast.

Weird stuff.
Anyway, that’s about it.

I also wanted to let you all know that, since May 10, I’ve had over 1100 different people visit this webpage. Now you can probably cut that number in at least half to get the real number of “unique” people visiting… and it’s probably half again than that… but even 250… that’s a lot! Theresa and I probably only know a few dozen people and relatives… so apparently the word has spread!

Thank you again for your interest. This blog is something I’ve really enjoyed doing.


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