Welcome to the Documentation and Media section of Murky View.

This page contains permanent links to all the source material that I have used in my posts. For each you will find two links: One for the document in question; One for the originating post.

I hope you find this useful.

This page serves one major purpose, to make it easy for you to download the original documentation, reports, media footage, imagery and other stuff that I have downloaded from the Internet in support of my posts.

Why don’t I just link to the resource on the Internet?

Simple. Links die… stuff gets moved, either just because of the passage of time, or perhaps because the original link contained something someone no longer wants us to see.

That is why I make every effort to get at the original content, whether it be a UN Report, a Pentagon transcript, a clip of Media footage, or a few useful images. I want it… and I want you to have access to it.

This page, and the subsequent pages beneath it, will include all the documents that I have gathered. I will try to make them as easily navigable as I can.



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  1. Ignorance is bliss, chris.

    It is apparent you don’t check your site very often.

    When you have a fixed world view, like you do on Global Warming, you run the risk and danger of looking like an idiot.

    Except, you don’t just look like one. You are one.

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