(Sent to the Globe and Mail June 30, 2023 – letters@globeandmail.com)

Dear Editor,

Canada is not the United States of America yet we have gradually followed that country’s decades long descent into a world where education is only available to those with the ability to pay up front or for 20 years after completion. It doesn’t matter if it is a trades diploma or a PhD, it is a disgrace and economic suicide that we limit people’s ability to educate themselves, transition to new careers, or discover new ones. Furthermore, the growing reliance on fleecing international students to pay for domestic programs is a national disgrace and sully’s our reputation as a welcoming, fair-minded, nation. Education is the basis of human civilized society. It should always be a service provided to all, by all. No matter the political party, all governments should recognize this and commit to making education a right for all Canadian residents to access for free.

Chris Alemany

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