Dear Editor, (submitted Oct 20, 2021)

Letter writers are correct when they say Port Alberni would benefit greatly from a new pool and community centre. Letters writers are also correct when they say the same about new pathways like the Connect the Quays project. 

There hasn’t been a new pool built in Port Alberni for half a century and no new year-round outdoor pathway built through the community since the Kitsuksis Dyke.

It is no wonder then, that there is clamouring and even some “competition” for both. After awhile, people start to demand new things to replace or augment the old. Now is the time. We have the people and the money to do it. The City is working on the Quay to Quay and are partnering with the Regional District on the pool.

Thank goodness. We need both.

More Info

You can participate in the Connect the Quays project here.

More information about the ACRD’s process for the Pool is below.

Here is the July, 2021 Meeting of the ACRD “Alberni Valley Committee” as they discussed the new aquatic centre. The ACRD is currently hiring a consultant to move the process forward.

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