Here are the opening statements of the 7 candidates for Mayor for Port Alberni.

I apologize a) that I cut Ms. Solda off from her very first few words… bumbling with the iPad. 🙂 and b) that my iPad didn’t have enough juice after a long day to record the whole meeting. I did take copious notes… but most of those I will keep to myself.

In general, I thought the meeting was excellent.  The room at the Barclay was packed.  The Peak reported 100 people, I’d say it was likely more than that.  It was standing room only.

The candidates all spoke well, some of course better than others, but all got their points across and made impressions on the crowd.  The questions from the crowd were all good ones and I thought Mr. McRae did an excellent job moderating.

In all, a great night, I would highly recommend seeking someone out that was there if you want to hear more details.  As I’ve said before I won’t be supporting one candidate or another as I must work and am committed to working with any one of them.   But it was very interesting.  If you’d like to chat please email me or PM on Facebook or give me a call.  You can also leave your thoughts about the night here in the comments.

See you at the All Councillor Candidates meeting at the Steelworkers Hall on Tuesday, 7PM!