If you are anything like my family you probably try to recycle as much as you can. It’s just the right thing to do right?

Well, we were horrified this week when about 95% of our recycling was turned away! We seem to have gone from accepting almost all materials for recycling at the curb side to accepting only some at curb side and some, most notably any kind of plastics bags, only at a depot (including Glass (non-deposit), plastic bags and wrap (but not all), and foam). When we went down to the depot to deal with everything that was ‘rejected’ they said that if the recycling was contained in a plastic recycling type garbage bag (which we do), they couldn’t take it anymore… so they just left it no matter what it had in it.

You can get a full rundown of what can and can’t be recycled or must go to a ACRD depot here.

If this is still the case in a few months time, this will certainly be an election issue and I pledge to do everything I can as councillor, recognizing it is a Provincial program and administered by the ACRD, to help fix it. I will be doing more research on this subject to figure out exactly what we can do, if anything. Perhaps Port Alberni and the Alberni Valley can go it alone? Perhaps we need to set up more transfer stations? I’m really not sure at this point but we need to find out. Also remember there are advantages to this program. #1, it’s free. We no longer pay for recycling pickup. But these bugs need to be ironed out. No value in free if the program itself is no good.

I would highly recommend emailing the ACRD (they have jurisdiction) about it. There were many concerns brought up about the new system before it began and now I think it is much worse than anyone thought it would be!

(the form *should* work now)
or do it by your own email (which is always most effective anyway!) to chairperson@acrd.bc.ca, john_douglas@portalberni.ca and send it to me too please just so I know contact@chrisalemany.ca

The form or emails above will send it to the ACRD chair and City Mayor so ACRD Directors and City Council knows that City residents are mad about this. I know Councillor McLeman and others have already expressed concern, as have many others all over the province. Tell them how unhappy you are about the change and hopefully the cry will be heard.

In this day and age, to not be able to recycle anything with the “Arrows” symbol on it, is simply unfathomable. This has been a big step backwards. We need these things to be more convenient not less.



P.S. This will be my last post for a few weeks as I’m off on vacation in Ontario for a family reunion. I would like to wish everyone a happy Canada Day and hope all can get out and enjoy the City in these beautiful summer months! I’ll be back around July 11th and campaigning will kick into a higher gear then.

Take care!


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