Link-it-Up: True Heros

Here is the start of a series I’ll call “Link-it-Up”.
It’s your standard blog entry of interesting posts and teasers. I hate when they get really long though. So I’ll try to limit it to no more than ten so that there is actually a chance you check out the stuff.

Todays is called:
“True Heroes”

War Heroes: Bloody Hell – From the New York Times: A Doctor, co-founder of Medecins Sans Frontier returns from Syria

At the age of 71, Dr. Jacques Bérès, a veteran of war zones, left his comfortable Paris life last month to smuggle himself into Homs, the center of the Syrian revolt, to tend to the wounded and the sick.

Code Heroes: Tom Clancy would be proud – From Wired.

O Murchu had never seen this technique in all his years of analyzing malware. “Even the complex threats that we see, the advanced threats we see, don’t do this,” he mused during a recent interview at Symantec’s office.

Climate Heroes: Science Marches on – From the Journal NATURE – CLIMATE CHANGE

we show that this criterion systematically overestimates the temperature threshold and that the Greenland ice sheet is more sensitive to long-term climate change than previously thought. We estimate that the warming threshold leading to a monostable, essentially ice-free state is in the range of 0.8–3.2 °C, with a best estimate of 1.6 °C.

Lost Heroes: Anniversary of the Japanese Tsunami. When will we start moving our cities to higher ground?

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