Be a Marrow Donor

I just signed up to be a Bone Marrow donor. Will you?

You should, you might never have to actually donate your bone marrow stem cells, but then again, you might be the only person in the whole world with the perfect match.

You can join the “OneMatch” program online at Canadian Blood Services. If you agree to sign up and get through the questionnaire (which, if you’ve ever donated blood, is very similar) then all you will need to do is go in to have a swab of your cheek taken at a Hospital or Clinic. Your information will kept on file, anonymously and compared with patients needing a donor. All the information is on the site.

It’s so easy to be a member, and even though actually donating marrow is more involved then just giving blood, it is also that much more rare and precious.

You must be between 18 and 50 (17-50 in Quebec).