Live Blog St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

7:39:09 PM: That was one of the greatest periods of hockey I’ve seen for awhile wow

7:46:28 PM: That was 20 minutes of hockey 30 minutes… Incredible flow

7:54:31 PM: Hey how come the CBC iDesk is 3 floors below HNIC.. It’s iDiscrimination!

7:57:12 PM: A NASCAR feel? No. Wouldnt they only be able to skate left?

7:57:48 PM: Oh bieksa!

7:59:10 PM: Go Canucks!!

8:00:55 PM: All the play is in the Blues zone.. Gotta get something by Mason!!

8:01:26 PM: Now I say that and the Canucks take a Penalty

8:02:09 PM: Looooooo

8:04:33 PM: I am in awe these guys jump and fly from end to end with people draped over them and I can hardly skate

8:05:32 PM: Post Edited: Live Blog St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks (#url#)

8:09:11 PM: We need more from Sundin!

8:11:11 PM: Bernier getting more ice time then Burrows it seems because of the PK

8:12:36 PM: oooo… naughty words boys… no dumb penalties!

8:13:41 PM: Referees doing an excellent job tonight

8:14:09 PM: Except for that penalty to O’Brien… wow.


8:18:27 PM: Wat action by the Canucks!

8:18:42 PM: Go Canucks Go! Go Canucks Go!

8:19:08 PM: Oh my god what a chance

8:19:59 PM: So many chances… something will go in soon! Keep it up boys!

8:21:03 PM: The Ref was waving his arms so fast he almost lifted off the ice!

8:24:07 PM: Oh, too many men for St. Louis, OK. time to take advantage. That one is the coaches fault… bad move Andy.

8:27:36 PM: It’s a Henrik Close-up!

8:28:07 PM: Amazing… almost the 3rd period… incredible action.. incredible goalies!

8:30:58 PM: I wonder if there is a keyboard anymore for that organ stuff or is it just a recording… i remember the organ in the Pacific Colosseum

8:31:18 PM: Ooohh, the Blues hit the Post!

8:32:33 PM: i was at a game with my Dad… Edmonton vs. Vancouver… Wayne Gretzky… and all i remember is the organ and a lady with a Cow Bell

8:33:01 PM: OOOOOhhhhhhh sqqeeeeeaked through the pads!!


8:33:12 PM: YAAA SUNDIN!

8:35:22 PM: Wow listen to the Crowd… last Canucks game I was at was Game 7 1st Round, St Louis vs. Canucks in 2003…. best game I’ve ever seen

8:35:34 PM: This crowd sounds just as into it if not more.

8:36:32 PM: Again… what a period…

8:38:49 PM: I wonder if you’re still allowed to bring in Cow Bells… god they’re loud when you’re sitting beside them!

8:47:12 PM: @DaArNmCyE I think the Devils will take care of Carolina… lol… I’m still a TwitterNoob… DM’ed you instead of replied…

8:51:17 PM: @DaArNmCyE hahah. Ya I just found an awesome twittering app for the iPhone (Twitterific) it makes way more sense than this website! lol

8:51:46 PM: OMG, the CBC HNIC boys are gettin’ loopy back East

8:52:27 PM: PJ is crowing about his lack of facial hair and Ron is telling everyone to keep their hands above the desk! lol. Love these guys…

8:53:38 PM: @DaArNmCyE Carolina is a good team and could pull it off… but I think Brodeur is just too good and the Carolina too inexperienced

8:54:30 PM: Whoa! I nearly missed that chance like 4 seconds in!

8:57:30 PM: OH my goodness what a mess in front of the Blues net… I haven’t seen the Canucks work like this… every line… wow.

8:58:46 PM: @DaArNmCyE ya they need Brodeur to go far, just like the Canucks need Luongo. Though i think maybe the Canucks have a little more offense..

8:59:57 PM: How is that not icing!? So how many bets by the end of this series one of the Sedings get in a fight!? 😛

9:01:05 PM: Man, that’s a nasty shiner on Sundin.

9:02:51 PM: @DaArNmCyE it’s a darn shame, the Western and Eastern Conference teams just don’t see enough of each… I’ve barely seen Parise play.

9:04:24 PM: God, imagine Sundin with 2 goals… the sports shows will be just going nuts and the rabid Canucks fans will be talking Stanley Cup

9:04:35 PM: ooohh… Alex… bad boy bad time!

9:05:28 PM: @DaArNmCyE lol. don’t worry, I just figured out that I have to press the faint little “Follow” button in order to actually follow someone!

9:05:52 PM: @DaArNmCyE now I have a few people to “follow” apparently lol.

9:08:11 PM: Oh the tension on the PK… GREAT SAVE!

9:08:41 PM: @DaArNmCyE lol

9:10:03 PM: come on boys get it out!

9:10:56 PM: YYYAAAAAAAAAA (that’s one for my pool too!)

9:12:30 PM: OH man GM Place is Hopping!

9:14:45 PM: @DaArNmCyE Ha! seeya!

9:15:59 PM: I don’t care if Luongo says he doesn’t believe in Superstitions… I’m not uttering the “S” word!

9:18:05 PM: lol. I just realised I’ve been watching the game in “SD” all night… it’s been such a great game I didn’t notice!!

9:18:52 PM: Oh it looks good in HD. They need to boost that Centre channel audio though! Off the bar again for the Blues!


9:21:19 PM: Oh Daniel, tried for the Mark Messier goal scorers goal… done it before… do it again! 😀

9:24:53 PM: You know the crowd is into it when they all sing “Livin’ on a Prayer”… that, or they’re all drunk.

9:26:05 PM: Wow, what a shot by Polak

9:26:19 PM: But what a Save by Loo!! 😀 And another!

9:26:52 PM: @SusanJones haha… no problem!

9:30:13 PM: Great PK so far boys, keep it up!

9:31:18 PM: Towel POWEEERRRRR

9:32:27 PM: I love seeing Dads and their boys sitting behind the bench. Lucky Kids!! And Dads!

9:33:54 PM: Empty Netter! Ya Henrik!

9:35:13 PM: darn it… Burrows didn’t get an Assist… call it back! I need more for my Pool! 😉

9:36:10 PM: Uhoh gonna get ugly now!

9:38:28 PM: Andy Murray is hot!

9:39:47 PM: Wow
great end to a great game… and LOooooouongo with the Shutout!

9:40:33 PM: Canucks gotta be careful, one of them came from near the bench into the scrum… if he came off the bench, could be grounds for suspension

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