Call to All Voters! Join Facebook! Join for Electoral Reform

Please, if you’re a voter that hates voting against everything… join this facebook group, commit to voting Anything But Conservative, and vote FOR Stephane Dion to enact electoral reform!


It’s called “Promise for Canadian Electoral Reform, Vote Anything But Conservative”

I had this thought tonight… that here we are being forced to sometimes vote for what we DON”T want, rather than for what we DO want.

That’s not fair.

So I thought, well, if we could make some sort of deal…. if, say, Stephane Dion, as the likely beneficiary, promised the electorate that he would move Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation forward in Parliament so that Canadians could be set free from strategic voting…

well… maybe then more people would *want* to vote. It gives us something to vote FOR, rather than AGAINST.

And if you’re not on Facebook, that’s OK, just spread the word. Blog it. Write to your Editor. Phone in to your radio station, and stand up at the All Candidates meeting and let everyone know.

It’s time Canadians were set free!

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