Why President Bush will never Resign (or be impeached)

Here is a little bit of opinion that is worth watching from MSNBC last night. And one can only hope it is repeated far and wide. But I don’t think it will…. or it will at least be cancelled out.

The parallels between now and 1974 are quite stunning from everything from oil shocks, political and military happenings and so much more… but one thing has changed since then. The Media…

Impeachment, or resignation, simply is not going to happen, unless FOXNEWS agrees to it, and pushes as well. That is the current state of American Politics.

That is how far down the road the USA has gone…. towards what? A One Party theocracy ruled by two perpetually warring, but practically indistinguishable factions?

What is truly frightening, is Stephen Harper, the Western Standard, and CanWest Global are taking Canada down that very same road. Our only saving grace is the directly elected executive representation afforded to us by the Westminster Parliamentary System. In other words, if we don’t like our Prime Minister, we can decimate his party to the point were it basically does not exist. We did it to Mulroney and the PCs after Meech Lake, the GST, and Air Bus… and again to the Liberals after the Sponsorship scandal, though not to the same effect.

On this 4th of July, what can Americans do to wrest their country back from the clutches of these power-mad “*mediacrats*”… well, they must do what they’ve been saying all along that they’ve been doing. Do what is best for America. Step back, recognize faults for faults and lies for lies, and do what is best for the Republic.

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