Turkey and Iran talk about Iraq

It seems everyone is talking with everyone else about Iraq… except the two major countries with boots in the sand.

Al Jazeera reports today that the Turkish Prime Minister met with both the President and Supreme Leader of Iran to discuss trade and the security situation in Iraq.

“The main aim of this trip is to study the rapid international development, especially the sensitive situation in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and the responsibility that both nations feel in finding a solution,” state television quoted Erdogan as saying.

With massive protests by Hezbollah and anti-Siniora government forces in Beirut continuing, no doubt the two leaders had much to talk about in Tehran.

I think it is incredibly telling that the United States, Britain, and Israel have been so absent from discussions of what is going in the Middle East right now. Except when talking amongst themselves. And even when Bush showed up in Jordan, he failed to get the tri-lateral summit he had wanted between himself and the Jordanian and Iraqi leaders… and only briefly spoke with both when he got the chance.

To an outsider like me, it looks like the US and Britain have lost the attention and respect of Iraqs immediate neighbours and plans are being made to deal with the situation with or without the help or advice of the Multinational Force in Iraq.

(Update: In other news There has been an attempted assassination of Muqtada Al-Sadr. He was not hurt in the attack… but is just another clear indication that Iraq is deep into a civil-war, that Kofi Annan believes is happening as well

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