If Stephane Dion wins

The Liberal Leadership convention is progressing… and it has been, for a political event, quite exciting.

The way I see it, and the way I see it being portrayed on the CBC, is that this is almost like a competition between the Establishment, and “true” Liberals.

Rae and Iggy are the Establishment.. Kennedy and Dion are the outsiders, the true Liberals.

Kennedy appears to have a hugely loyal following, so when he moved into Dions camp, he appears to have taken most of his support with him.

That has thrown Dion into the lead and Rae is dropping out.

I think it comes down to this:

Dion is socially very progressive, obviously incredibly strong on the Environment, and, as indicated by Kennedys move, has very strong support from both Young Liberals, and Ontario Liberals.

If Dion wins, I think we could see our country head in a very strong direction away from tight integration with the USA, and very strongly towards a recommitment to Kyoto and a strong federal government.

We will know in a few hours we will know. But my feeling is that Ignatieff is scaring people away because

a) he hasn’t lived in Canada
b) he supports Afghanistan (and possibly Iraq?)
c) he is just too stiff, and smells like real trouble.
d) he would likely bring us much much closer to US policy.

At this point. I have to hope Dion wins.

I think it’s a choice between the Liberal Party that brought us the Charter of Rights, and Peacekeeping… or one that moves us much further right of center.

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