What’s so wrong with the Canadian Rightwing-o-sphere.

Ezra Levants The Shotgun blog is, at times, simply revolting.

Take one of todays posts by Wonder Woman about the two Palestinian women who were killed by Israeli soldiers while standing as “human shields” in front of a Mosque in Gaza.

Wonder Womans says in response, “Women…using their bodies as human shields to protect murderers…. To me…they are fools. And now 2 of them are dead fools.”


Are they murderers or husbands, sons, or brothers? Does that not matter? As far as using women as “tools”… how many women are on the frontlines in Iraq under the US flag? Oh, right, no, most are in the transport and supply battalions. Wouldn’t want those little ladies to get hurt now would we? Seems Muslim and Christian militaries have a similar ethic there…

To get back to the Shotgun… blogs are a funny beast… because you have the content… and then you have the comments. The Content can often be OK, bordering on questionable… where as the comments are often more extreme, to the point of embarassment.

On the Shotgun though, the revolting content translates into downright intolerant, violent, racist, diatribes in the comments.

The first comment on the above post:

Darwin in action. This is the best way to liberate Palisimian womyn, they can’t breed if they’re dead.
Womyn’s sufferage, Arab style.

Posted by: Speller | 3-Nov-06 2:12:01 PM

These sorts of comments are common and there is no attempt at moderation from The Shotgun authors.

How can the CBC, CTV, and other national media allow Ezra Levant on their programs? This is not someone Canadians should be looking up to. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that perhaps what is written on The Shotgun borders on inciting racism and discrimination.

I’m all for Freedom of Speech… but my own parents gave me certain values that causes me to be very concerned by this sort of behaviour. I don’t believe these values are uncommon in Canada. And I do believe in many cases they are specifically protected under our very own Charter. Does The Shotgun, as a legitimate form of Media not have a responsibility to uphold these most basic of Rights?

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