Canada is beating the Oil Drum

Good news from the webspere this morning.

It looks like a Canadian affiliate to the excellent The Oil Drum has launched.

Welcome The Oil Drum: Canada

If you’re not familiar with The Oil Drum already, it is an excellent resource for analysis and discussion of the goings on in the Oil and Gas Industry, with a particular focus on the depletion of those resources and it’s affect on economies around the world. This website is chock full of incredibly well researched reports and analysis including extensive graphs showing our use of the Earths Oil and Gas reserves. It’s goal is to inform, rather than pontificate… and in an industry renowned for its secrecy and political intrigue, an incredible amount of energy is needed to make the information come alive.

TOD: Canada will focus on the Canadian point of view… considering Canada is one of the very few Western countries that will actually *grow* it’s oil production over the next 20-30 years, this website should be well stocked with material for years to come.

Good Luck TOD:Canada!