Touring the Galaxy, at 1500KM/Second!

Some things are just too big to imagine.

Supernovas… the giant explosive deaths of stars, which themselves are hard to imagine… (In a few billion years, our own star will go “Nova”, not super.. unfortunately there will be no inhabitants of the Earth left to see it. Indeed, the Earth will be engulfed, eaten, by it’s own sun as it grows into a Red Giant.. on it’s way to burning out into a Brown Dwarf).

Anyway, these stars that do go Super Nova… they leave behind “Neutron Stars”.. which is basically all the solid material left behind… incredibly dense (“a teaspoonful of neutron star material would weigh a billion tonnes.”)… and during the explosion that dense body gets “kicked” to incredible speeds.

New Scientist reports one is moving at 1500KM/s! Yikes.

Imagine if that thing smashed into another star (in a few billion years? I dunno.. could happen?)

Anyway, click on the link above, there is a nice pictures of the Supernova remnant where the neutron star is… a beautiful, brilliant point of light.