Russia support Venezuelan bid for UNSC post

Hugo Chavez was in Moscow yesterday

He signed or completed a number of arms deals worth over $US3 Billion.

These included a small fleet of SU-30 fighter Jets as well as a large number of helicopters.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of his trip, though, was his campaign for support of Venezuelas bid for one of the non-permanent United Nations Security Council seats when they come up for election next year.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia apparently supports this as do a number of other Eastern European nations. In the words of Mr. Putin.

Russia supports “a multipolar world”.

Imagine… Venezuela, Russia, and China, all on the UNSC… throw in an Arab country, say, the Kuwait, or the UAE, and you have a whole lot of oil oil power around that table. 3 of 4 definitely not being aligned to Washingtons views.

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