Why Ethanol is Not the Answer:

“Heatwaves and biofuel demand in Europe and US to fuel bread, pasta and beer price rises”

Finfacts (Irish Business news portal)

The combination of heatwaves in Europe and the US, low global grain stocks and an increase in production of biofuels has seen wheat prices rise to 10-year highs and may lead to big increases in the cost of bread and pasta.

You make your own judgement… but if you think Ethanol is a great alternative to “big oil”, think about this article.

Very powerful forces are proposing using our food sources to fuel our cars?

We have not even *started* seriously using those new sources, and already, prices for food are rising.

Does that not ring alarm bells in your head?

Ethanol is not the answer… it really should not even be part of the answer…

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