Say Goodbye to Energuide

Our new Conservative Government has apparently delivered major cuts to Energy Saving programs offered by the Feds.

Among the best known is the Energuide program, in which Canadians who have their homes renovated to save energy can qualify for a federal grant of several thousand dollars. About 300,000 people [including me] have used the program since its start in the late 1990s.

Energuide has had its budget slashed by $227 million over the next five years. Groups that run the program say it will be a shadow of its former self and a lot fewer people will be able to take advantage of it

There’s also a similar Energuide program for low-income households. Its entire budget of more than $550 million is cut, meaning that program is now gone.

But Fear Not!

the government is developing its own environmental plan, which will be announced later this year.”

Hooray for the Conservatives, proving once again they really care about the Environment, citizens, and the poor…. or not.

I can’t believe it… I’m going to have to phone the Feds, and the Energuide company that I’ve already payed $100 to come assess my house, to see if I will still qualify. If not, that’s potentially $3000 down the drain.

Oh… but wait… I get $1200 a year (before taxes) to pay for my childcare… that is.. if I could find a daycare space to put my child in.

😡 😮 :hmm:

My apologies to my Albertan friends, but this is just too obvious to pass up. Our new Prime Minister, with the majority of his support coming from the Canadian “Oil Patch”… cuts Energy Savings programs intended to reduce consumption of fossil fuels?

Call it a conspiracy theory if you want… I call it a convenient coincidence.

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