CBC Online worst Editorializing in Canada

It’s not at all uncommon these days for news headlines to be editorializing, when they should be simply reporting.

However, the CBC Online crew are, I think, some of the worst offenders in Canada. No, I’m not shocked by this… but I am dismayed at the blatancy of it.

Take todays headline:

He hates leaks, but Bush authorized one: documents

Even to me… an admitted Bush hater… this screams anti-Bush bias.

So many people, on the Left and Right, complain about Media bias…indeed, it is this perceived Bias that I think has contributed to the explosive growth of the “alternative” media in the blogosphere and Internet in general.

But as much as I hate Bush and everything he has done and stands for… there must still be a line drawn between personal opinion and statement of fact.

The above headline is itself simplistic and childish. Like something you’d see on this blog. 😉 However there is one big difference between the CBC Online and This blog… one claims to be a source of Reportage and Journalism. I, on the other hand am giving my personal perspective on things…

The CBC should stick to the facts… Factual alternative headlines that convey the same, urgency, could have been:

  • Bush authorized leak, says Libby.
  • Bush denounces leaks… but Libby says otherwise.
  • Documents contradict Bush policy on leaks

There is of course no limit to the number of variables.. you get the idea.

The point is, it is not the CBC’s job to have an opinion. It is their job to state the facts. Yes, some editorial slant will always come through… but overall they must uphold, and defend the principles of journalism.

If they don’t.. and if others don’t… then the level of the debate will continue to deteriorate precipitously in our country.

One reply on “CBC Online worst Editorializing in Canada”

  1. While the sight of Mr. Bush makes me want to throw a brick through the screen, I can’t say that I hate him, but I sure disapprove of his actions and attitudes.

    I also don’t think that the level of debate in the mainstream media can deterioriate precipitatously any longer. It’s there already, although some are trying to dig through the bottom.

    I sense that many of the dissenting population that used to visit here have given up. Would this be a fair assessment? I’ve mostly been lurking lately…

    Keep it up, Chris,

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