Blogging Links for DIGI… and posterity

I’m going to be giving a small talk to some students in the DIGI 110 course of our Media Studies Program at Malaspina University-College.

I’ve given a similar talk to students in the CMC 290 class as well. They also have an ongoing “blog on blogging“.

Here are some handy links to various blogging related things. I’ll probably add on to this as I come across more stuff.. but it’s a start.

General Blogging Links and Services
WordPress (Powers this blog)

Blog Directories and Trackers
Tail Rank
“Meme Trackers”

Cool Blogging related studies and “meta-information”.
An excellent podcast, from yesterday at the South by Southwest conference (March 13, 2006) on Advertising and “making money” from blogging
HP Political Blog visual plot
The Blogosphere
The Power of Blogs

Top Blogs (that I visit)
Digital Media Minute
The Oil Drum
Boing Boing
Captains Quarters
Daily Kos
Andrew Coyne
My Blahg
Healing Iraq
Global Guerillas
Defense Tech
Media Bistro (News about the News)

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