CBC Online lays the verbal smack-down

Paul Weyrich, a conservative at a think tank called the Free Congress Foundation in Washington, DC had this to say about Canadians.

The people of Canada have become so liberal and hedonistic that the public ethic in the Country immediately could not reversed. It will take time. But with leadership it well may be possible to change the public ethic.

Why thank you Paul!

My pessimistic friend said… Harper could do almost nothing to encourage the Country to adopt a more reasonable view of the United States and to correct some premises of Cultural Marxism… such as same-sex marriage and abortion-on-demand.

To which CBC Online notes

He does not say how these things are linked in his mind to Marxism, a doctrine better known for concepts of class warfare.

I think they didn’t get the “no-editorializing” memo (diktat?)… but 2 points to CBC anyway.

One reply on “CBC Online lays the verbal smack-down”

  1. I actually wish the smackdown had carried a little more heft. The “cultural Marxism” thing has a pretty ugly side (as does the Free Congress Foundation, for that matter), and there’s a certain flirtation with anti-Semitism there.

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