James Bond car really DID have machine guns?

It’s true apparently.

Remember in Goldfinger and Thunderball… the car that James Bond (Sean Connery) drove had machine guns, tire shredders, an oil slick thingy, and an ejection seat on the passenger side?

Well, I always thought it was just faked somehow… I didn’t think it was all an actual, working, car.

Apparently I was wrong.

The last remaining 1965 Aston Marten DB5 that was built for the Bond films has just been sold at auction for a cool $US2 million.

Before the sale began, lights in the auction house were turned off and RM Auctions spokesman Terrance Lobzun – dressed in 007-style tuxedo – drove the car on to the stage.

He demonstrated all the features – including the guns – in return for a standing ovation from the audience.

“If there had been real bullets in the guns I would have taken out the whole front row of these people who have more money that most countries do.”

$2 million actually seems pretty reasonable considered the AWESOME factor of the modifications.

Imagine taking your *car* to the shooting range?

Or trying out the oil slick with some buddies on a race track 🙂


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