I will delist from Political Affiliates

Hi everyone.

From now until the end of the Election I will be removing all links to Political sites on my sidebars and delist from those affiliates including Progressive Bloggers, Blogging Dippers, and Green Bloggers.

I am doing this for two reasons:

#1: My wife has completed her training for Elections Canada and thus, under their strict rules we as a family are not permitted to show any affiliation to any political party (by having a sign on our lawn or in our window, etc). I will voluntarily apply that to the Internet as well

#2: With the recent controversy over the Blogging Tories, I see this issue as being in the spotlight. I do not wish to add to or be a part of that issue… so I am taking the proactive route and delisting myself.

Internet affiliations have yet to be dealt with in the courts or in the Act specifically, until they are, I’d rather err on the side of caution and take this simple course of action.

I will endeavour to be as non-partisan in my future Election coverage as possible, though it may be easier just to not say anything. 😉

Thank you all for your time. Blogging on other topics will of course continue without interruption.

If you are an administrator at Green Bloggers, Progressive Bloggers or Blogging Dippers and I have not already emailed you, please remove me from your lists… you are welcome to link to this post if you’d like to inform your readers of my withdrawal.

5 replies on “I will delist from Political Affiliates”

  1. Well, that’s a pity. You are my only resource regarding the Canadian election. Ah well, I’ll just have to wait patiently to see how it all turns out. Never fear if the Conservatives do happen to take over the government, they won’t last long probably…more’s the pity 😛

  2. Ya, it kinda sucks.

    The elections on Monday anyway though, so no biggie.

    I will probably live-blog the election anyway. Jade goes to sleep at around 7PM, and the polls just happen to close then and the media-blackout is lifted at that time as well so it’ll work out just right.

    Poor Tree, she’ll be at the polling station from 7AM-7PM… and then she has to count the ballots! poor thing.

  3. Well, I commend your wee wifey for doing her civic duty. Here in my state, most election workers are older, retired people which is okay but it wouldn’t hurt if younger people got involved to some degree.

    I never knew squat about Canadian government, elections or social issues before making your acquaintence, so I do thank you for assisting in educating this American to some extent. It’s amazing – the internet’s ability to inform the uninformed when the effort is made. Thanks, Chris.

  4. Hey my pleasure Jane. If my rambling can be of some use to someone then that’s far more than I ever imagined possible for this blog. 😉

    I do apologize if I get your back up every once in a while. But if the world wasn’t full of opinionated people like you and me, it’d be pretty darn boring.


  5. Not so much anymore, Chris. I haven’t changed my views to any degree, of course, but now what you guys say and think just doesn’t seem to raise my heat. So I’m keeping pretty quiet (for me, anyway) 🙂

    May the best Canadians win tomorrow – Cheers jane m

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