South America tips further to the Left

And Latin America slips further away from the US’s current political sphere of influence.

The BBC Reports that Leftist leader, and indigenous Bolivian, Evo Morales has won the Presidential election in Bolivia and should be voted in as President by the Bolivian Congress in the new year.

Mr. Morales is a man cut from the same cloth as Venezuelas Hugo Chavez. His platform is based on allowing the poorest in Bolivia to benefit from Bolivias massive oil-based wealth. He is also an aspiring friend of Fidel Castro and he isn’t thrilled with Free Trade in the Americas. No doubt these are all things that do not thrill the United States. But really, there is not much they can do.

The BBC has an excellent Feature on Central and South Americas year of electionsand how, many of those countries are moving towards much more socialist governments rather than the right-leaning, generally US-backing governments of the past.

As they say… times they are a changin’. Lets just hope it’s for the better for the people of Bolivia and Latin America.

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